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Ardalan  Nami

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My Nami is Ardalan Nami, I’m called Chef ArNami. For me cooking is my passion and has push me to strive after perfection, and that Is what I am always try my best to create and reach.

I started as a dishwasher with culinary art as my passion, and that has so far given me ability to learn from different food cultures and open two small restaurant in my late 20:es.

Because I love to educate and push myself to become one of the best in my profession, I graduated from Santa Barbara City College Culinary art, which is First community College in USA. I also got opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience by working alongside celebrity chef Vincent Vanhecke at famous, private And very expensive restaurant at The Golf Club The Vally Club of Montecito, California.

My roots are from Italy, and I have lived in Iran, Sweden, Spain, and the United States. I moved to Norway, this expanded my knowledge of Scandinavian food culture, and so far I have worked in American dinner in Os, Organic restaurant in Sotra, and as evening and breakfast Chef in Thon Hotel and Scandic hotel.
For me creativity, quality, harmony, teamwork and organization
are the main key factors in which bring success for a restaurant business or organization, and that what I have created with my teams so far, wherever I have and will work.

My multicultural background, leadership skills and creativity have been asset that have created less food waste and more profit, and joy for establishment and that has created more joy for both customer and workers and with goal to have successful establishments, that makes you proud to work at.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with healthy diet .” 

A chef career is about the move from positions where your technical prowess is your greatest contribution into those where your skills as an executive, an administrator, and a manager are more clearly in demand.

I believe every aspect of a operation needs to be seen as a way to improve the quality of service you provide your customers. In most operations, the top five time-wasters are lack of clear priorities for tasks; poor staff training; poor communication; poor organization; and missing or inadequate tools to accomplish tasks.


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